Are You Busting Your Butt Trying to Build and Index Backlinks for Your Sites... But Not Getting the Rankings You Need?

Find Out How One System Forces Google to Discover and Index Thousands of Links Automatically... So that You Can Achieve Better Rankings, Higher Traffic, and More Sales!

And You’ll No Longer Have to Wait for Weeks to See Results!

Dear Marketer,

There’s a reason you’ve landed on this page. You know that quality backlinks are among the most important factors Google uses to determine website and page rankings. Without them, you’re either going to have to rely on paid traffic or watch your sites languish in the unseen depths of the Internet.

The exact methods that Google uses to index banklinks, though, are a mystery to even most seasoned SEO professionals.

If you’re like many marketers, you’ve spent countless hours cultivating backlinks to your sites. Maybe you’ve even broken out the credit card and purchased some links in an effort to improve your search engine rankings.

But for most marketers, all of this work is for nothing. That’s because Google isn’t terribly inefficient when it comes to indexing backlinks. Sure, they’ve spend millions of dollars developing the technology to sniff out "bad" or "spammy" links... but the high quality backlinks often seem to get missed.

In fact, Google only indexes an average of 10% of all links! That means that for every 10 quality links you build or purchase, only one actually gets indexed to influence your site’s rankings. And there’s no way of knowing which ones will or won’t be indexed!

This translates to a whole lot of wasted time for you. And if you’re buying links (even if they’re high quality and not from some sleazy link farm), you’re basically pouring sand down a rat hole!

Let me know if any of these make you nod your head:

  • You’ve been using link building as an SEO strategy for months, but you can’t seem to get your Google page rankings to budge (or worse, your pages have lost footing in the results pages)!
  • You’ve spent good money buying high-quality backlinks from reputable sources… only to find that your organic search traffic hasn’t increased like you’d hoped!
  • You’ve spent countless hours fruitlessly trying to "crack the code" and find a way to get Google to index backlinks for you... hours you might as well have spent playing Facebook games or teaching your cat salsa dancing!
  • You’ve felt like giving up on ever having your sites appear on the first page of Google listings... and you wonder if you’ll end up paying for traffic for the rest of your life!
  • You wish that someone would just tell you the secrets the "gurus" seem to know about link building, so that you could finally have all of your efforts pay off!

Link Building Can KILL Your Online Business!

If you’re like 99.9% of SEO professionals and marketers out there… you can only take the frustration of ineffective link building so long before you snap! It’s like there’s some invisible force out there that is thwarting all of your efforts and sabotaging all of your hard work... and it can be downright maddening!

(By the way, that "invisible force" really is out there. It’s called Google.)

So most marketers are left with three choices:

  1. Give up.
  2. Work even harder (or spend even more money) on building links.
  3. Start flooding your site with cheap backlinks from sketchy sources.

And any of those three can kill your business.

Ok, I admit there’s a fourth option – do hundreds of hours of research to come up with an educated guess of how Google goes about indexing backlinks. But how many of us are going to do that? And besides, by the time you figure it out… Google will have changed its strategy!

And then it’s back to square one.

Ok, so we can safely say that giving up isn’t an option (you’d better not be thinking of giving up, anyway). Spending more time and money on what’s already not working is just going to make you even more frustrated. We don’t even need to talk about sketchy links, and figuring out how Google indexes backlinks is completely out of the question.

So what the heck are you supposed to do?

In a moment, I’m going to tell you about something Google doesn’t want you to know about… something that will change the way you look at link building forever.

But first, I’d like to ask you to imagine that you could start getting your quality backlinks indexed by Google in as little as one hour after you submit them… and that your search engine rankings could dramatically improve shortly afterwards. And imagine that you didn’t have to do more than a few minutes of work to get tons of backlinks working hard for your sites.

How would that make you feel?

  • You’d feel confident knowing that all of your sites… even your “money site”… could easily be found by tons of search engine users!
  • You’d feel thrilled that you’re finally getting quality, targeted organic traffic to your site… instead of paying through the nose for visitors!
  • You’d feel optimistic knowing that your sites generated sales on autopilot… day and night… without requiring you to babysit Adwords, Facebook ads, or other traffic-generating vehicles!
  • You’d feel relaxed, knowing that the search engine rankings of your pages aren’t going to just drop through the floor overnight!

Now, I want you to stop imagining… because you’re one step away from making all of this a reality!

If You’re Sick and Tired of Wasting Time and Money on Backlinks that Google Ignores… and You Want to FINALLY Achieve the Search Engine Rankings You Deserve… then You Need to Tap Into the Power of "One Hour Indexing!"

We’ve put years of research into understanding the methods Google uses to index backlinks. And through our research, we’ve developed Google-approved methods to force this monster of a search engine to discover and index your links in as little as one hour!

(We also use a little of what we call “cloud magic” to tip the scales in your favor, but that’s another story.)

So when you get your hands on One Hour Indexing, you simply paste your backlinks into the form and click submit. But instead of only having about 10% of your links indexed… up to 80% of your links will be found and indexed – in many cases, in just an hour or two!

You don’t have to wait for weeks to start seeing results. You’ll see substantial improvement in about an hour after we start showing Google your links… and you’ll benefit from drastic improvement within 24 hours!

And all of this from doing the same things you’re already doing.

You don’t have to spend more hours each day with your nose to the grindstone.

You don’t have to spend more money buying links.

You don’t have to resort to crappy link farms that don’t work anyway (and can get your site “sandboxed”).

Just enter your links into your One Hour Indexing Dashboard and let us take care of the rest!

What Does One Hour Indexing Do for YOU?

Our goal is to make raking your site and getting the traffic you need a simpler process. You need a system that takes the burden off of you… not one that creates more work! That’s why we’ve designed One Hour Indexing to:

  • Take the hassle out of indexing backlinks – we do all of the heavy lifting for you, so that you can focus on building your business!
  • Outperform other link indexing tools – case studies have shown that One Hour Indexing outperforms the closest competitor by more than 100%!
  • Provide the highest value for your money… we want your link-building dollars to work as hard for you as possible!
  • Integrate with high-quality link builders like Drip Feed Links and Dripable to create a 100% hands-off link indexing machine that works for you night and day!
  • Feature an open API so you can integrate One Hour Indexing with your own Wordpress plugins and other products!
  • Index 60% or more of the backlinks introduced to Google within one day!

Most importantly, One Hour Indexing helps lift your sites out of the murky depths of the unseen Internet and puts them where visitors can find them... near the top of search engine results!

Why One Hour Indexing Might Not Be For You

Frankly, I don’t know of too many people who couldn’t benefit from the raw power of One Hour Indexing. A system that can automate indexing backlinks is a must-have for serious marketers and SEO professionals who want to minimize wasted time and money.

Still, there are a few reasons why this incredible system might not be for you:

  • You’re perfectly fine with low traffic and lackluster profits.
  • You don’t have a well-constructed, easily searchable site with inbound links and quality content (even the best indexed links won’t save you then).
  • You plan to stuff One Hour Indexing with crappy, spammy links (garbage in, garbage out).
  • You plan to set One Hour Indexing to pump out thousands of links each day directly to your home page (welcome to "the sandbox").

If you have a quality site… plan to use normal links… and exercise a bit of restraint (we recommend introducing only a handful of links per site each day)… One Hour Indexing is the system you need to finally start seeing some real improvement in your sites’ search engine rankings, traffic, and profitability!

We've been providing SEO services to some pretty large clients since 2004, and one of the big issues throughout all that time, irrespective of Google updates, has been crawling and indexing. If you're producing volumes of SEO content for link-building, or managing networks of sites with constant page production, then you HAVE to have some kind of crawling/spidering system in place to let the search engines know what you're creating. Over the last few years, the SEO landscape has changed heavily with Panda & Penguin, and we've moved all our crawling & spidering work to OneHourIndexing, as we've not found any other service to be more efficient or easy to use. We particularly like the API service, and much of our own bespoke link-building software posts directly through their easy-to-use API. It all works perfectly for us.

Jason K.

We've tested A LOT of indexing methods and services, and were quite impressed by the results from One Hour Indexing. We ran a test with 944 links from a variety of domains. Prior to using One Hour Indexing, the index rate (verified by Scrapebox) was 6%. After One Hour Indexing it had jumped up to 35.3%, which is essentially a 550% increase. Nice!

Kane from

I wasn't even aware my links weren't being indexed by the other services I was using until I ran a test. In a few short days my indexing of wiki links and profile links went from just about nill to 56.3%. You guys have done what several indexing services haven't been able to do. Will be back for more! Thanks again.

STI Marketing

I've been a long time customer of Linklicious and DripFeedLinks, and have always liked the professionalism of HKSEO. I was excited to try this service and flat out amazed with the results. I took my utter garbage, bottom of the barrel backlinks, and got 32% indexing with them in 24 hours. This is going in my SEO toolbox for sure.

Juan with Digital Forerunners

It was great timing when I first saw Justin's email about OneHourIndexing, because I just had around 1000 links I could not get indexed through a different service in the previous month. These were harder than normal type links to index, so I gave him my links as a test and in a few days, came back with 36% of these indexed. So whatever system he is using, it definitely is working because it did something no other indexing service could.

ChrisB at Traffic Planet

I'm pretty new to the SEO game and have been working with the HKSEO guys for a couple of months. When I got the opportunity to try out the new indexing service, I hopped on it. I submitted my list of links, and when I got the results I had 81.8% indexing on my blog posts! My site has already moved up from not in the top 100 to page 4, and I expect it'll continue going up as I use their services.

Paul H. with

I build full sites and don't do a lot of the link building that gets some people in trouble. So when I used OneHourIndexing, I wasn't sure that it'd work. I submitted a site map with a lot of interior sites pages that weren't indexed, and when I checked the next day I had 59% indexing. An amazing service that every SEO should use.


The Time to Start Indexing Backlinks the Easy Way... is NOW!

Look, I don’t want to be overly dramatic here… but if you’re serious about using backlinks to build rankings and traffic… and you want to stop wasting money and time building links that Google never finds… today is your day!

This page will likely be coming down soon. And when (and if) we put it back up… it will be with our updated pricing structure. We’re practically giving the system away right now… and we can only do that so long before we have to start charging more to maintain the level of quality you expect.

That might sound unfair… but we’re running a business just like you are. The more people we have using One Hour Indexing, the more time and money we have to put into making sure the system works perfectly. And when our costs go up, so does the price. So if you want to lock in today’s prices, you need to get in while you still can!

Just as important, though, is this… every day you wait, you’re missing out on profits. Every potential customer who can’t find you will find someone else… and don’t kid yourself, you have plenty of competitors no matter what niche you’re in.

Take Advantage of One of the Best Kept Secrets of SEO Today – One Hour Indexing!

You’re about to get your hands on one of the most powerful, easy to use SEO tools on the market today. Your competitors hope you don’t join One Hour Indexing... that is, the few who actually know about us.

No matter whether you’re just starting out or you’re running a full-fledged Internet empire, we have a range of packages to suit your needs and your budget. And as your empire grows, One Hour Indexing is there to grow right along with you!

Don’t wait until your competition discovers us… there’s nothing worse than playing catch-up after your competitors start taking advantage of an incredible system that you passed on!

(In fact, get in now and you’ll find out how you can actually make money off your competition – each and every month – just by telling them about us. But this offer is for members only, so you’ll need to register your One Hour Indexing account today.)

Can you afford to waste another day building ineffective, invisible backlinks? Choose your package below and start indexing backlinks the right way today!



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